Dos and Don_ts of Contemporary and Modern Interior Design

If you are looking for a modern and timeless look to your space, you can quickly achieve this by going for a modern interior design style or a contemporary one. You can never go wrong with these two, as styling pieces are readily available. They both incorporate durable, long-lasting components, and inspiration for these styles is easy to come by. They also allow you to customize spaces to your liking providing leeway to choose among several preferred furnishings and decorations.

To understand this better, check out Tylko’s guide to modern and contemporary styles.

The Do’s

If looking to achieve a modern or contemporary aesthetic, the main factors to consider are durability, minimalism, and classic pieces. It means fewer items in your space but high-quality, unique items that will be functional years to come.

For example, hardwood furniture over softwood alternatives that are prone to wear and tear over time. Leather, ceramics, glass, and stone make ideal materials for decor items compared to synthetic materials that are momentarily fashionable but become insignificant over time. When arranging space, your layout should cater to ease of movement around the room and facilitate maximum sunlight exposure.

You can get creative with mirrors to create a balance and disperse light evenly within the room. It is all about making the most from a few essentials to prevent crowding and hoarding many pieces that serve no purpose in your space. This applies to colors and textures as well. If you overdo any of these, the final look ceases to be modern or contemporary and may end up looking tacky.

The Dont’s

When going for a modern or contemporary aesthetic, you want to avoid a few mistakes that may cost you the desired final look and feel to space. One is color.

Go easy on the colors, sticking to a neutral palette or warm colors if you want a hint of color to your room. Bright, shouting, and neon hues have no place in this aesthetic as they conflict with the overall theme. All furnishings and decor items should be chosen with moderation, focussing on functionality over aesthetics. Too much furniture, too many different textures and colors, or too many decorative pieces are detrimental to these design styles. You can not achieve a proper modern or contemporary interior with many random items all in one space.

Lastly, where possible, do not resort to artificial lighting if natural lighting is available. Aim to have as much natural light and free flow of air as opposed to artificial lighting solutions.

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